Open letter

Dear Valued Customers,

Established in July 2003, 703 Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (COINCO 703) delivers wide range of services including: construction and investment of civil, transport, irrigational, industrial infrastructure; production and supply of asphalt concrete and building materials across the country; survey and design transport infrastructure, civil engineering, and real estate business, etc.

With over a decade’s experience in construction and investment field, the company has developed rapidly and become a professional and prestigious contractor. We have received positive evaluations of excellent construction competence from domestic and international business partners. We also succeed in managing the construction process in order to achieve the desired results within the specified time limit while maintaining the pre-established parameters of quality and aesthetic. Our priorities are to improve financial capability, invest in modern  technology and machinery as well as collaborate with research centers in order to develop best products which are able to fulfill increasingly strict client requirements and bring profit to the company.

Taking the development of human resources as the core value and the human element as the focus of the business, COINCO 703 makes a great deal of effort to strengthen the qualification of staffs through intensive training and create an innovative learning, researching and working environment for every individual. Besides, COINCO 703 also pays attention to supporting employees to have more stable and higher living standard.

COINCO 703 is well aware that the development and progress of each business will create the foundation for the overall development of the whole society. Therefore, our own development, progress and success are always associated with the satisfaction and prosperity of our clients and partners.

With the motto “Sustainable Cooperation, Mutual Development”, COINCO 703 looks forward to opportunities for future with all domestic and international clients, economic organizations and individuals for mutual learning, sharing and developing.

Yours sincere,

Le Thu Bang

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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